Three ways to guarantee an expensive and miserable divorce

If you want to make sure you have an expensive and miserable divorce, be sure to do the following three things:

Number 1 – Start dating right away

There is no better way to make your wife or husband feel betrayed and disrespected than to start dating right after you tell them that you want a divorce. Knowing that you have moved on to someone else already will make them look for an attorney that will stick it to you.

The next best thing is to start dating right after the divorce is filed. Even if they were thinking about going for a friendly, easy divorce, seeing you with someone else will make your spouse want to get a piece of you, and an even bigger piece of the marital pie.

If you want even more conflict, date several people! This technique works equally well for men and women.

When your husband sees you with several men, he will see red, feel like a lesser man, and then want to make up for it by making sure you get as little of “his hard earned money” as possible.

When your wife sees you with other women, especially if they are younger than her, she will think she is no longer desirable. Thinking that her prospects are limited, and that she will have to face the rest of her life alone, she will want to get as much of the property and spousal support as possible, to try securing her future.

Finally, be sure to take your dates to places where your spouse sees the two of you together. Preferably to a place where you will also be seen by your spouse’s friends. You know, like her favorite restaurant for lunch with the girls. Or to the bar where your husband and his friends have a beer every Thursday after work.

Bonus – If you have children, then you absolutely cannot forget to bring a date to your kids’ basketball game, band recital, or any school function that your spouse is likely to attend. This move is guaranteed to create a hateful atmosphere that will make settlement nearly impossible.

Number 2 – Start dissing your spouse on Facebook

Posting pictures of you and your date kissing and hugging and otherwise displaying affection on Facebook, where your spouse and your mutual friends will see them, is a very effective way to create discord during your divorce process.

Get your friends and your spouse’s friends involved in your divorce on a public forum like Facebook. Each of you will get lots of advice and encouragement on how to get back at the the other. In addition, the advice will often conflict with the advice of your lawyer, which will help drive up your legal costs.

Even if you are not dating, you can still slam your spouse on Facebook. Be sure to call your wife ugly, fat, a lousy cook, and a slut. Tell the world that your husband is stupid, a deadbeat, a wimp, and quite small in the game. If you have the vocabulary, then use lots of profanity.

A Facebook post war between you and your spouse will help make the divorce more expensive, because your lawyers will spend lots of time reviewing and printing your posts, and making trial exhibits of them.

It will also make things more miserable, because you and your spouse will have to read your posts on the witness stand, and say all those ugly things in front of the Judge, and everybody else that is in the courtroom.

A final benefit of dissing war on Facebook is that it usually results in one of your getting a protection order against the other.

Number 3 – Get yourself a protection order

Getting a protection order during your divorce is the third prong of your expensive and miserable divorce trifecta.

This really drives the costs up, because in Wyoming, you usually have to go to a different court to get a protection order. You now have a new matter, in a different court, and you and your spouse will need to pay attorneys to represent you in this case too.

Once you get a protection order, you can no longer talk to, or go near, your spouse. All communications regarding possible settlement will have to go through your lawyers. If you need to get any of your belongings from the house, it will need to be arranged by your lawyer.

Getting your lawyer involved in every minor detail of your life is a terrific way to make your divorce expensive.

A protection order is sure to make things more miserable, because they are often violated. This will require another court hearing, where the other party usually requests a reciprocal protection order. Once that’s granted, there are often violations on both sides.

If you and your spouse can’t leave each other alone after that, then you could both end up getting criminal records and spending time in jail.


Dating right away, dissing each other on Facebook, and getting a protection order are three surefire ways of getting an expensive and miserable divorce. There are other ways, but if this is what you want, then start with these three.

If you do not want a miserable and expensive divorce, then don’t do those things.

There is a better way to get divorced. Give us a call, and we will show you how.

By Steve Harton