Our Team

WYeLawyers is the firm it is because of the people that make it work. Here they are:

Jennifer Brandt – Jennifer has worked in law firms for over twenty years. But what makes her really special is her friendly personality and her ready smile. When not working at WYeLawyers, Jennifer is most likely following her children’s …

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Steve Harton – Steve is the attorney in the firm, and he loves helping people with their legal problems. When he is not lawyering and running the firm, he more …

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Our Story

WYeLawyers was formed from Harton Law Firm. It is a law firm providing flat fee and unbundled legal services to people throughout the State of Wyoming, all from our office in Rock Springs.

We provide unbundled legal services to clients throughout Wyoming, because we believe that:

The law, the legal system, and our law firm, should be accessible to the people we represent,

The legal process and the delivery of legal services should be convenient for our clients, and

A lawyer’s representation and advice should be affordable for regular folks.

Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled legal services give clients the opportunity to control the cost of their legal case. We provide you with a “menu” of discrete tasks that we can perform, usually for a set price.

Not all cases, and not all clients, are good candidates for unbundled services. You must be willing to take responsibility for your case. You must be willing, and able, to do some of the “legwork” for your case. You must feel comfortable making strategic decisions based on your attorney’s advice.

Fixed Fee Services

Fixed fee services provide clients with the certainty of knowing how much their case will cost. Not all cases are suitable for fixed fees, because there might be too much uncertainty.

Some examples of cases where fixed fees may be appropriate are: name changes, uncontested step-parent adoptions, guardianships for special needs children or adults, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, etc.

For a list of the types of cases we take on a fixed fee basis, and their costs, click here.

Retainer Based Representation

Some matters and cases are just not suitable for unbundling, or for fixed fees. When appropriate, these cases are handled on an “evergreen” retainer basis. This means that the client pays a retainer, which is replenished at each billing cycle.

To discuss your legal issue and take the next step, please contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you.

By Steve Harton