Adoption in Wyoming

An adoption creates a new parent-child relationship between the adopted person and the adoptive parents.  The adopted person is usually a minor, but can also be an adult.

Who can file an adoption?

In Wyoming, a Petition for Adoption may be filed by:

  1. any single adult,
  2. jointly by a husband and wife, or
  3. either the husband or wife, if the other person is a parent of the child.

The last form of adoption is probably the most common. It is is called a stepparent adoption. Uncontested stepparent adoptions are the easiest, most pleasant adoptions.

Who can be adopted?

In Wyoming, minor children, and also adults, can be adopted.

Who must consent to the adoption?

All adults and children who are fourteen (14) years and older must consent to their own adoptions.

For children under fourteen, a written relinquishment and consent must be signed by the following:

  • Both living parents; or
  • The surviving parent; or
  • The mother and the putative father, if known; or
  • The mother alone, if she does not know the name of the putative father’ or
  • The legal guardian of the person, if parents are deceased or their rights have been terminated; or
  • The head of the agency to whom the child was relinquished to for adoption; or
  • The person having exclusive legal custody of the child; or
  • The legally appointed guardian of any parent or putative father who has been adjudged incompetent.
When can the consent be  signed?

The consent to adoption must be signed sometime after the birth of the child. In addition, the consent has to be acknowledged in front of a Notary, a Clerk of the Court, or a representative of DFS or agency with whom the child was placed.

What must be filed with the Petition to Adopt?

The following documents must be filed with every Petition to Adopt:

  • The appropriate consents,
  • Any relinquishment,
  • A report of medical examination of the child made by a physician,
  • An affidavit from each petitioner setting out any previous or current psychiatric conditions, felony convictions within the preceding ten years, misdemeanors during past five years, and current parole or probation status.
How we can help

We can help you with the following services:

  • Consult about the adoption process
  • Draft the Consent and Relinquishment forms for you,
  • Draft the Petition and other documents, depending on your particular circumstance

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