I got served in Wyoming, but live in Utah – How long do I have to respond?

I got a call from a lady today. She was divorced in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and her ex-husband still lives here. However, she and the kids now live in Utah.

She was back here visiting some relatives over the weekend, and she was served with a petition to modify the visitation. Nice surprise from the ex.

The Summons, like all Wyoming Summonses, stated that she must file an answer within twenty (20) days if she was served in Wyoming, or thirty (30) days if she was served outside the state.

This lady wanted to know whether or not she would have thirty days to respond, since she lives in Utah.

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

If you are served with a Summons (issued by a Wyoming court) within the State of Wyoming, you only have twenty (20) days to respond. Even if you live in Utah. Or Florida.

Now if you are served in Wyoming with a Summons issued by a court from another state, then that state’s rule will determine how long you have. It could be 20, 30, 15, or whatever. Just read the summons carefully. It will usually tell you.

Bonus Tip

This is one of the most important things you must do when you are served with court papers.

Write down, on the Summons, the date and time you were served. It is a very important date. Do not rely on your memory. Write it down! Right on the Summons!

By Steve Harton