Name Change in Wyoming

How do you get a name change in Wyoming? Well that depends on a few things, but the process is basically the same in all cases.

The Process for a Name Change in Wyoming

In Wyoming, the name change process is started by filing a Petition for a name change. As part of that petition, you will need to request a court hearing.

The Judge’s office will set the hearing. The Clerk of Court will issue a Notice of Hearing. That Notice has to be published in the local paper, once per week, for four consecutive weeks.

If no one objects to the name change, the Court will sign the Order Changing Name on the date of the hearing.

You will then submit the Order to the Office of Vital Statistics, and they will issue a new birth certificate with your new name.

So, it is a pretty simple process, if no one objects. However, there can be some complications.

Name Change of a Minor Child

Most of the complications happen when you are trying to change the name of a child who is less than eighteen years old.

A minor child cannot bring a legal action on their own. Therefore, they need to file suit by their “next friend,” which is usually their mother. In these cases, you should get the father’s consent to the name change.

If you do not file the consent of the father with the name change, you will probably need to serve him with a copy of the petition and the notice of hearing. If he objects at the hearing, the petition will probably be denied.

Other Ways to Change a Name

There are other ways to change a name besides in a name change action.

Change of Name in a Paternity Action – When a child is born to an unmarried mother, she can pick the last name of her child. A court can later change the name of a child in a paternity action.

Change of Name in a Divorce Action – A wife can always change her name as part of a divorce action. The decision is entirely the wife’s. The husband can neither prevent or force her to change her name.

How Can We Help?

Here at WYeLawyers, we can help you get a name change anywhere in Wyoming. All we will need is a copy of the existing birth certificate, and the addresses of both parents, if the name change is for a child. Take the next step, and give us a call at 307-382-5545. We look forward to speaking with you.

By Steve Harton

Additional Resources

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