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Expungement, Eviction, Living Trust, Living Will, Small Claims Court

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Photo of Steve Harton, Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming divorce lawyer and DUI DWI attorneyWYeLayers is a law firm* that tries to make the law accessible, convenient and affordable for the people of Wyoming. We aim to provide useful legal information on this site, and show you where you can find even more. For your convenience, you can meet with us, call us, or use our client portal. We also help make legal representation affordable, by offering limited scope, discrete task based fixed fees.

What we offer

We are primarily a family law firm. We offer full services from our office in Rock Springs, Sweetwater County.

We also provide unbundled, discrete task, flat fee legal services to clients throughout Wyoming. We do this because we believe that:

The law, the legal system, and our law firm, should be accessible to the people we represent,

The legal process, and the delivery of legal services should be convenient for our clients, and

A lawyer’s representation and advice should be affordable for regular folks.

So, look around, do some research, and when you are ready to take the next step, give us a call to set up your initial consultation.

By Steve Harton

* WYeLawyers was formed from the Harton Law Firm, and is still owned by Steve Harton, PC.